Italian Meringue eBook, SUSPIRO

Italian meringue how-to eBook, is now available in English! This ebook will help you to prepare the Italian meringue successfully. It also includes a step-by-step video on how I prepare this recipe. I am very happy to have accomplished one of my pending projects since 2010. I created it with all my blog readers and visitors in mind who ask me for advice and share their concerns with me regarding this frosting. I know many of you want to improve your skills in the development and the results of the Suspiro / Italian meringue frosting for your business, therefore, in Suspiro I share all my knowledge and advice without any reservation. My wish is for this book to be of great blessing to you!

eBook en: español.

This book contains the basics and important information to help you develop a good meringue, with the right consistency to frost and decorate a cake. You'll get the recipe and variations of the Italian Meringue, notes on the ingredients and the answers to frequently asked questions. In this electronic guide, I also share notes and information that I have not shared on the blog, I also explain in a more detailed fashion the steps and the notes of the recipe found here

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